Frequently Asked Questions
1.How to set us auto-tracking for T Series cameras?
1. The motion detection function of the camera needs to be turned on 2. The auto tracking function of the camera needs to be turned on This is because the automatic tracking function needs to be linked with the motion tracking function and the motion detection function (if the camera has face recognition function, it needs to be turned on at the same time)
2.How to set up motion detection area for T Series cameras?
1. Open the camhiapp, click the setting button – alarm motion detection, and in the alarm motion detection option, manually divide the detected screen area. Due to the limited focal length of the lens, the distance of motion detection will be affected, and it can only be detected in an appropriate range.
3.How to set up preset point for Jennov PTZ Camera?
The following is an explanation of the function of the preset point When the PTZ is running to the place where it needs to be monitored, it will send the command to the PTZ camera to set the preset point. The camera will record the orientation of the PTZ and the status of the camera at this time, and connect it with the number of the preset point. When the command to call the preset position is sent to the camera, the PTZ will immediately run to the point at the fastest speed, and the camera will return to the memory state at that time, so that the monitoring personnel can quickly view the monitored area. How to use preset points: 1. After the camera is connected to the screen, press and hold the mobile phone screen and drag to manually control the camera rotation. 2. Camera cruise setting: 1. Watch the monitoring screen in full screen, click the cruise setting icon, first input the number 1, and then click Set; Then drag the screen to control the camera to rotate a position, input the number 2, and click set to set preset position 2 Finally, input the number 65, click call (some ptz camera call preset point 98 or 115), and the camera will cruise automatically between position 1 and position 2. Manual control rotation can stop automatic cruise.
4.How to set up email alarm for Jennov J Series products?
1. Please make sure that your VCR is connected to the router successfully and the online status is displayed. You can right-click the mouse to enter the one button Internet page to check. If normal Internet access (healthy network) is displayed, it means that the video recorder has been successfully connected to the Internet. If the network is abnormal, please check whether the network port light of the network cable flashes normally. If not, please replace the network cable and check the network status again. 2. If the VCR has been connected to the Internet successfully, we will consider whether the VCR setting is correct. Please right click the mouse to enter system settings channel management mobile detection and check whether the email notification is checked. 3. Please check whether your settings are wrong according to the screenshot (mailbox parameter setting page of the manual), or you can send us the screenshot of your mailbox parameter setting page, we will check and inform the correction method. 4. If there is no error in the mailbox parameter setting, but the mailbox alarm cannot be received, please enter your mailbox setting and check whether the SMTP of the mailbox has been opened.
5. Why does the J-series security system offline after using a period of time?
Long time use may cause damage to the power supply, so we first consider whether the camera can be powered on normally. Please block the infrared sensor of the lens and check whether the infrared LED is on. If the infrared led does not work, it is likely that the power supply is damaged. It is recommended to replace the 12V / 1A power supply which can work normally for infrared led test to eliminate the power supply problem. If the infrared light can be on, we consider that the signal between the camera and the video recorder is temporarily cut off. Please try the following operations to recover: 1. The antenna of outdoor camera may not be tightened due to strong wind and other environmental factors. Please ensure that the camera antenna is tightened and kept vertical, and check whether the camera can automatically return to the successful connection state. 2. If the camera can’t go online automatically, we add the camera by recoding. First, remove the camera and place it next to the video recorder, plug in the power supply for the camera and the video recorder, connect the camera and the video recorder with the network cable, and observe whether the network port light flashes normally. If the network port light does not flash or jumps quickly, please replace the network cable for coding. Mail the mouse in the main interface of the video recorder to enter the camera management interface, delete the offline channel first, and then click search to observe whether the IP address with the beginning of 192 appears. If the IP address with the beginning of 192 appears, please click the matching code and return to the main interface to observe whether the real-time picture can be displayed normally. If you can’t find the IP address at the beginning of 192, please install our special search software (see the attachment) on the computer to make the computer and the camera in the same network environment and search the camera. If IP can be found, the reason is likely to be the original cable failure, please replace a cable to search again. 3. I believe that your problem has been solved by this step. As the camera and video recorder of the wireless package are connected through WiFi, the change of installation environment may affect the WiFi signal received by the camera. After reconnecting the camera and the video recorder, please ensure that the distance between the camera and the video recorder is within 15m, and try to avoid wall and glass installation.
6.How to back up the recording video for J Series security system?
This device needs to use U disk or other mobile storage devices in the backup process. The company does not provide the corresponding U disk or other mobile storage devices. Please purchase elsewhere. In order to ensure the normal backup, please follow the following steps: 1.Right click the mouse in the monitoring screen=》Manual=》Video Playback=》select the date of the video file you want to back up=》Click”Search”=》check the file you want to back up=》Click “backup”=》And you need to unplug the mouse and plug in the storage device within 1 minutes. Note: please make sure that your mobile device has enough capacity. If the backup fails, follow the steps again.
7. What can I do if I can not connect the camera to WIFI when first time setting(For T Series)?
1. When WiFi is configured for the first time, it shows that the connection is down / failed. First, please check whether the camera is connected to the power supply correctly: Please block the infrared sensor of the lens at night / or during the day. If all the infrared lights up, it means that the device has been powered on normally. 2. When the mobile phone is connected to the WiFi hotspot of the camera, please try to keep the distance within 5 meters. 3. Please tighten the antenna of the equipment and place it upright. Try to keep the distance between the installation position of the equipment and the router within 10 meters, and try to keep no wall blocking between the equipment and the router. 4. Please make sure the WiFi password is entered correctly. The WiFi name and password cannot contain special characters. If there are special characters, please change them to numbers or letters. 5. The camera does not support 5g frequency WiFi, please check the router has 2.4G frequency WiFi signal; 6. Please check whether the device is offline due to the weak WiFi signal due to the remote installation location. Please try to install the camera within 10 meters from the router. 7. Please make sure that your router is not equipped with static IP, router firewall, etc. it is forbidden for the camera to connect to the router through WiFi.
8. Why download software says contains virus (or tip: suspicious software).
This is because the computer’s firewall level setting is generally relatively high, and the video monitoring software has remote monitoring and other functions, so the computer will have suspicious software tips. But all the system installation needs you to set the corresponding password, others can’t steal the relevant information. You just need to open the computer security center, select “virus and threat protection” drop-down, select “virus and threat protection settings”, click management settings, find “exclusion items”, add the folder containing files to be installed – finish. The computer client can be successfully installed.
9. How many phones can a T-series camera connect to?
When one person successfully connects the camera to WiFi . Up to 5 people can download app at the same time, connect and watch at the same time
10. What should I do if the hard disk is not recognized?
1. First of all, please check whether the power supply of your video recorder is 12V / 2a and the power supply of your camera is 12V / 1a. If you plug in the two power supplies by mistake, the video recorder will not be able to start the hard disk because of insufficient voltage, so the video recorder will not recognize the hard disk. Please plug in the correct power supply. 2. If you replace the hard disk, and it is easier than the original hard disk, the original 12V / 2A power adapter is not enough to drive the hard disk. Please tell us the size of your hard disk, and we will recommend the available adapter specifications for you. 3. The loose contact between the video recorder and the hard disk will also cause the hard disk to be unrecognized. Please try to turn off the power supply of the video recorder, screw out the four screws in the middle of the back of the video recorder, pull out the connecting line of the hard disk, and then connect the video recorder again to observe whether it can be recovered.