Jennov - Innovating Surveillance, Safeguarding Security


 Jennov, originates from the combination of “Jen” and “Innovate”, symbolizing our commitment to innovation, and dedication to providing customers with the most advanced and reliable surveillance camera products. Founded in 2010, Jennov is a company specializing in manufacturing and selling surveillance cameras for both home and commercial use, earning a good reputation within the industry.

Our brand story begins with a passion for security. As a young and dynamic company, we understand the increasing importance of providing high-quality, high-performance surveillance products in today’s society where security awareness is on the rise. Therefore, we have embraced the mission of “Defending every inch of land, safeguarding every home,” relentlessly striving for technological innovation and product upgrades, and dedicated to providing customers with more convenient, intelligent, and secure surveillance solutions.

The Jennov team consists of passionate individuals who are eager to challenge conventional wisdom with their innovative ideas. With a professional and creative R&D team, we continuously launch products that are at the forefront of technology and competitive in the market. We prioritize customer needs and market feedback, refining product designs through constant communication to ensure the best user experience.

Over the years, Jennov has always adhered to operating with integrity and prioritizing quality as its first principle, earning the trust and support of a wide range of customers. Whether for home users or commercial clients, when it comes to choosing a brand for surveillance cameras, Jennov is always a name that inspires confidence.

In the future, Jennov will persist in its commitment to “technological innovation and prioritizing quality,” aiming for excellence and raising the bar within the industry. We are ready to partner with you towards making life safer and more convenient!