HD surveillance camera: 2MP, 5MP, 4K

HD surveillance camera: 2MP, 5MP, 4K
When selecting the HD surveillance camera, considering the following factors may help in selecting the most appropriate options:
 Requirements and uses

Determine the size of the monitoring area, the detailed requirements of the monitored objects, and the characteristics of the monitoring scene.


Cameras of different resolutions are priced differently and need to be selected based on the budget.

 Storage and bandwidth requirements

Higher resolution cameras produce greater amounts of data, considering both storage and bandwidth requirements.

Equipment compatibility

Ensure that the camera is compatible with the existing monitoring system or equipment.

In general cases:

The 2MP camera provides basic HD resolution, suitable for general monitoring scenes, and the picture quality requirements are not particularly high or limited budget for use.

The 5MP camera offers higher resolution, suitable for scenarios that require more detailed images or capture more detail.

The 4K camera offers the highest level of ultra HD picture quality, which is a good choice when the best picture quality and detail performance are needed, but it also has higher storage and bandwidth requirements.

Consider the above factors, and according to the actual situation to choose their own needs and budget of the HD surveillance camera.